The Halal Cart

Free Delivery

Tasty, hot and fresh food straight from our kitchen to you without delivery charge

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how it works

you order

You order from our famous menu. During checkout, choose delivery time from a list of available times. Choose delivery spot nearest you from a list of delivery spots.

We deliver

We deliver food directly from our kitchen to your deilviery spot. No stops in the middle and no delivery charge ever.

You recieve

You know exactly when the food will arrive. You take a quick walk to your delivery spot most probably near your building entrance and recieve your order. 

Innovative food delivery system

Thru it's unique and efficient delivery system, Halal Cart brings you tasty, healthy, hot, and fresh food straight from it's mobile kitchens near you at affordable prices. 

Hot and Fresh: Unlike Doordash, Grubhub, Ubereats who deliver room temperature food at best, we deliver hot and fresh food straight from our mobile kitchens minutes away from you.

Right on Time: We eliminate all of the uncertainty around food arrival by allowing you to choose a delivery time. No more waiting for food. Your food will arrive precisely when you scheduled it. All you have to do is to be at your pickup spot when your food arrives at your scheduled time.

Free Delivery: Our delivery model is so efficient that we won't have to ever charge for delivery. This is because we deliver more than one order per delivery without sacrificing the quality. Of course you help by coming out to pickup your food instead of us spending time finding you.


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